7 Summer Health Care Tips for Dogs


The hot days have already arrived and you can enjoy them with your furry, but keep in mind these tips that we give you to protect their health during the summer season.

Summer is here with its warmth and beaches. Those of us who have a dog also always like to go out on the terraces or make a getaway with our pet. But keep in mind that dogs can react differently to heat.


Quadrupeds with darker fur absorb more heat. Overweight dogs are more prone to heat stroke and dehydration. Snub-nosed dogs, such as pugs or Pekingese, are less efficient at cooling themselves through panting.

Here are some tips on how to make the summer more bearable and enjoyable for our dog.

1. Don't Put It In The Sun

Don't Put It In The Sun

Take your dog for a walk early in the morning and in the evening after the sun has set. Walk at a gentle pace, take breaks, carry water and walk in the shade whenever you can.

The floor can be very hot and your pads can crack or burn. It is a good idea to massage your legs afterwards with a pad protector so that they do not crack and get wounds from the intense heat of the floor.

2. Hydration, Always Hydration

keep your dog hydrated

Make sure there is always enough clean, fresh water for the dog. In addition to water, you can also offer your dog electrolyte water alternatives, such as unsalted buttermilk, frozen treats, fruit, and coconut water. By the way, giving a dog human energy drinks is NOT a good idea.

It is normal for appetite to decrease or be lost during the heat, so you can include liquids such as broth, curd, or buttermilk with meals. It is also very important to leave the house with a drinker or special bottle for dogs if the walk is going to be longer than normal, and to take breaks to drink.

3. Watch Out For Signs Of Dehydration


The panting of dogs is part of their cooling mechanism. It is advisable to go to the vet if any of the following symptoms are detected:

Excessive drooling
Difficulty breathing.
Bloodshot eyes.
Increased heart rate
Dry and not very elastic skin.

4. Cools Down Your Body Temperature

Cools down your body temperature

It’s important to keep your pet’s temperature a bit low during the summer. For this, you can use a damp towel for the dog to lie on after walking, wipe it with a cool and damp cloth making sure that the legs, belly, armpits and the back of the head are clean and wet.

There are also cooler alternatives like going to a dog pool. Also, if you see your dog dig a hole, let him. It’s another way for dogs to cool off. Keeping the dog’s body temperature a little low is especially recommended for puppies.

5. Try Not To Leave Your Dog In The Vehicle

Try not to leave your dog in the vehicle

The car retains more heat than the outside area even if it is parked in the shade. Your dog’s temperature can rise quickly and cause serious cases of heat stroke, collapse and death, in less time than we think. It is quite logical, but every year you see cases like this in the news in summer … A little please!!

6. Check Daily For Fleas Or Ticks

Hot weather is a haven for fleas and ticks so check your dog daily and change his bedding frequently. Take a look at this post on how to protect your furry from parasites in summers.

7. Don't Remove Her Hair

Don't remove her hair

There is an idea that shaving a dog’s hair can help it stay cool in the summer, but it doesn’t. The layers of fur help protect the dog from overheating and sunburn. It will go through more heat even if it is left without its natural fur.

Yes it is convenient to brush it and remove layers of dead hair, and perhaps a cleanup, but never shave. Our experts in dog grooming can come to your home and help you keep your dog fresh and healthy.

And now yes … Enjoy the summer!!!

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