How Old Do Dogs Have To Be To Breed?

Dog breeding age Limits

At What Age Can Dogs Mate?

In this AnimalWised article we will deal with a topic that always raises the concern of caregivers, such as all aspects related to the reproduction of dogs. And it is that the possibility that our dog or bitch crosses usually becomes a problem.

Next, we are going to focus on answering the question of at what age dogs can mate, which will help us to take the appropriate precautions to avoid the birth of unwanted litters.

When is a male dog too old to breed

At What Age Do Dogs Start To Ride?

The first thing we need to know regarding the question of at what age dogs can mate is that mating does not always imply reproduction and, when they do relate, it will only take place on fertile days.

Thus, it is possible that, especially if we have the opportunity to observe a complete litter, we can see that, from an early age, dogs try to mount each other. This behavior has nothing to do with sexuality in puppy dogs and they are common play behaviors.

When is a female dog too old to breed

At what Age Is A Dog Fertile?

Therefore, the act of riding, by itself, does not give us information about at what age dogs can breed. The criterion that we must take into account is fertility, since it is from that moment when the dog will be able to reproduce.

Thus, small dogs reach maturity earlier, while, in large ones, it will be delayed. For a medium-sized dog we can establish an average of nine months of age. The oscillations are between six and twelve months.

Although we cannot set an age, we can say that there are signs that can indicate that sexual maturity is approaching. Male dogs will begin to lift their paws and in them and in females we will begin to notice signs of heat.

A dog is fertile when it reaches sexual maturity. In the case of males, sperm will begin to be produced. The females will manifest what is known as heat. There is no fixed age of maturity that works for all dogs and there are differences based on size.

How to breed a dog

The Zeal Of Dogs, Indicative Of Sexual Maturity

Dogs will only want to reproduce when they can physically and this is limited to a specific period that we call heat. If we want to know at what age dogs can have puppies, the presence of heat leaves no doubt. From its appearance, the animal will be fertile, so it can reproduce.

In addition, he could fight with other males to get close to her. To learn more about this period in males, we recommend consulting this article: “Heat in male dogs – Symptoms and duration “.

A bitch in heat will present, as more prominent signs, a swelling in the vulva and a bloody vaginal discharge. But, in addition, we will notice changes in their behavior, they will urinate a greater number of times, they will be upset, they will show their vulva if a dog approaches them and they will attract them. Bitches go through this period of heat about twice a year.

For their part, males do not have a marked fertility period. As soon as they reach maturity they can mate as long as they detect the presence of a female dog in heat. In them, this stage is shown more with behavioral signs, that is, the dog is in heat and cries, is nervous, tries to escape after the bitch, etc.

Can a 6 month old male puppy get a female dog pregnant

At What Age Do Dogs Want To Mate?

This question, we should actually rephrase as at what age male dogs can mate. And this is so because reproduction is due to an instinct for the perpetuation of the species.

The dog does not seek to reproduce for pleasure and that is why it is a mistake to extrapolate human sexuality to canine sexuality. Dogs will try to mate from the beginning of their sexual maturity only when they detect a female dog in heat.

For their part, females only mate on their receptive heat days. The average age at which mating is possible, therefore, corresponds to that mentioned for heat, that is, about nine months, being first in small breeds and later in larger ones.

When can you breed a female dog

At What Age Can Dogs Have Children?

We have seen at what age dogs can mate and that figure will coincide with the age at which they can have offspring. Once the mating occurs, it is very likely that there is fertilization, with the consequent gestation.

But just because a dog is old enough to have babies does not mean that it is recommended that they have them so early. In fact, professional breeders do not breed dogs before they have fully completed their physical development. Bitches not before the second or third heat.  Males around 18-24 months.

Knowing when a dog is fertile should make us think about the importance of controlling reproduction. Starting at such an early age, with two heats a year and litters of about five puppies, the dimension of the problem of canine overpopulation is explained.

We cannot contribute to a situation that leads to abandonment, abuse and death. Responsible ownership involves early sterilization of both males and females. This will also keep the dogs away from a bitch in heat.

What is the oldest age a dog can have puppies

Is It Necessary To Cross A Dog?

As we have explained in the previous section, it is not something that the dog needs to stay healthy or be happy. In this way, we must bear in mind that the myth that justifies that every dog ​​must have at least one litter in life is totally false.

In fact, spaying or neutering dogs and bitches promptly provides multiple benefits for their health, such as preventing the appearance of breast or testicular tumors, pyrometer, mastitis, psychological pregnanc , etc.

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