Memory Foam Dog Beds. Types And Functions Of The Same.

memory foam dog beds

If you are thinking of buying an orthopedic bed for dogs, do not miss this post where we tell you which one you need according to the dog you have.

According to several studies carried out on resting in dogs, the posture, temperature and quality of the surface where they rest can lead to health problems later if we do not pay the attention it requires. What can we do to improve the quality of life of our pet? We will tell you!

Orthopedic Dog Bed: Functions And Characteristics

These dog beds are designed to guarantee the rest of those animals that suffer from joint problems or suffer pain, either due to their age or due to illness.

They are recommended for use even if your dog is young and does not have health problems, since they prevent the appearance of these diseases in the future. What functions and features should these beds have?

Best orthopedic dog bed for hip dysplasia


The beds should allow your dog to regulate its temperature through the perspiration of the materials with which it is made. You must take into account the weather conditions of the environment and the breed and pathologies that your dog may have.

for example, if your pet suffers ligament injuries from living in cold climates and with high humidity, we recommend the use of thermal mattresses , which will help the animal maintain body heat and relieve any pain that it may have in its joints . As an additional advantage, the heat will help the recovery of injuries that may have suffered.

big barker headrest pillow-top orthopedic dog bed

Homogeneity Of Your Padding

These orthopedic beds for dogs are characterized by distributing the weight of the animal evenly . this characteristic is especially positive for: dogs that suffer from pain or joint problems or dogs with a very thin constitution , overweight dogs or older dogs , since they tend to rest most of them on their elbows, hips, etc.

Symptoms of unrefreshing or troublesome sleep include slight lameness upon awakening or showing obvious slowness in your gait. Those who suffer from obesity often have corns or calluses on support points such as elbows or hips.

This type of viscoelastic mattress for dogs prevents the appearance of these problems in the future or helps their recovery in case of suffering from them.

Big Barker orthopedic dog bed

Skin Care

The materials of these beds are made of hypoallergenic materials, which prevent the appearance of contact dermatitis or other allergic conditions that may appear from prolonged contact with the mattress surface.

If your dog, due to health problems, must lie down for a longer amount of time, we recommend the use of anti-bedsore mattresses that help reduce skin problems. Otherwise, wounds could appear in those support points that you use the most, so we recommend changing the position of the animal on the mattress, to help it recover and avoid greater pain.

We also inform you that there are beds with air cells that can be alternated to rotate the pressure points.

Interchangeable Covers. The Importance Of Hygiene

Although it is a necessary function that allows you to wash and change the cover where your dog rests, eliminating parasites and dirt, it is especially important in those dogs that suffer from incontinence problems, wounds that may be suppurating or being treated with creams and other drugs or well that they suffer from dermatitis.

There are waterproof covers to repel possible liquids and antibacterial covers to reduce the appearance of bad odors.

Orthopedic dog beds

Types Of Orthopedic Beds And Their Characteristics

When choosing one of these medical beds for dogs, you must take into account the specific problem of your pet. From World Class Reviews we recommend you inform yourself and ask a professional all those doubts you may have when purchasing the bed.

Refrigerator Beds Or "Cool Mat".

Many dogs can suffer from heat problems in the hottest months. These beds are made of a material specially designed to regulate the temperature of the dog, also providing a comfortable place to rest.

Its average temperature is between 5 and 10 ºc less than the rest of the room.

These beds maintain their freshness for about an hour depending on the environment in which they are. To cool down the bedding material, simply stop using it for an hour. You don’t need to artificially cool it.

orthopedic dog beds

Memory Beds

This type of orthopedic bed for dogs is designed for those larger animals that need more support points in their spine, hips or joints.

These beds are made of a material called “memory foam “, formed by dense particles that change their shape depending on the size and physiology of the dog, thus providing a completely homogeneous resting place.

It is important that, inside, these beds have a waterproof layer that is capable of repelling liquids to protect said particles.

Antibacterial And Anti-Odor Bed

These beds are designed to neutralize those odors or bacteria that some dogs may be issued by health problems, absorption, etc.

A technology that uses silver, exclusive to scruffs, is used, reducing the appearance of bacteria or bad odors by up to 99% in 24 hours.

They can be washed and reused, without losing any of their properties.

Did you know...?

The memory foam material used today in the type of memory foam bed for dogs was originally designed by NASA , as an element to protect astronauts in those special launches that, due to the force of the take-off, suffered accelerations four times higher than the force of gravity.

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