miniature dachshund puppies for sale near me

Miniature Dachshund puppies are a popular breed of dog. They’re cute, cuddly, and seem like they would make an excellent pet for any family. They have long legs with short legs, making them look like they’re always on the hunt for something. We love to share several interesting facts about these adorable dogs in this article before you buy them.

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About the breed ‘Miniature Dachshund.’

The Miniature Dachshund is a small breed of dogs bred to hunt badgers and other burrowing animals. They are one of the smallest breeds, but they have an outsized personality. These dogs are very intelligent, loyal, and loving companions who will be happy to spend time with their owners.

You’ll find them in many colors, including black, chocolate, red and cream. They are also known as “Wiener Dogs” because of their long bodies and short legs.


The average lifespan of a Miniature Dachshund dog breed is 12-14 years but can live up to 16 years with proper care. They are considered to be one of the longest living breeds.


Training this breed can be difficult because they have an independent streak, but it’s worth the effort. You will need patience and consistency to teach them what you want from them. With the proper guidance, they can become obedient and well-behaved companions.

With puppies, it is easier to teach them right from wrong. However, even with adult mini dachshunds, you need a positive and consistent training strategy. Potty training and excessive barking are often the most challenging aspects of dog training.

Grooming Tips

Grooming your pet can be difficult due to the length of their hair, but it doesn’t have to be.

  • Regular brushing is essential as it reduces shedding by removing dead hair before it falls off naturally.
  • Don’t forget about dental hygiene. Brushing your pet’s teeth helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease, which could lead to heartworm infection if left untreated.
  • Provide lots of exercises – these little guys need at least 30 minutes per day outside or inside on the treadmill if they cannot go outside due to weather conditions or allergies.
  • Feed them high-quality food – make sure you feed them high-quality food that meets all their nutritional needs.
  • Train them well – teach your pup basic commands like “sit” and “stay”. This will not only keep him from getting into trouble when he’s bored, but it’ll also make him easier for everyone else around him.

Miniature Dachshund Puppies for Sale Near Me

Are you interested in adopting Miniature Dachshund Puppy? However, unsure of the places from where you can get it? Have a look at some of the renowned places where this breed highly found.

1. North Dakota

Business Name- Bullington Frenchies

Address- 3136 112th Ave SW, Dickinson, ND 58601, United States


Contact Number- +17012903735


Business Name – JG Kennels

Address-41276 Carefree Ln, Arlington, MN 55307, United States

Website –

Contact Number – +13208645860


2. Oklahoma

Business Name – A1 Pet Emporium

Address- 2911 W Britton Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73120, United States

Website –

Contact Number – +14057491738


Business Name – Bully’s Unlimited

Address- 1009 SE 15th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73129, United States

Website –

Contact Number- +14056644400


3. Arkansas

Business Name – Get Along Little Doxies Miniature Dachshund Puppies of Arkansas

Address- 80 Oak St, Pleasant Plains, AR 72568, United States

Website –

Contact Number – +15016584514


Business Name – Lisa’s Precious Puppies

Address- 13571 Hwy 31, Ward, AR 72176, United States

Website –

Contact Number –+15012593827


4. Alaska

Business Name – Alaska’s Boston Terrier’s

Address- 36346 Langhus Dr N, Homer, AK 99603, United States


Contact Number – +19079531661


Business Name – PetSmart

Address- 1200 North Muldoon Road, Anchorage, AK 99504, United States

Website –

Contact Number – +19073337387


5. Wyoming

Business Name – Frontier Pets

Address- 1400 Dell Range Blvd, Cheyenne, WY 82009, United States

Website –

Contact Number – +13076384183


Business Name – On The Ball Aussies

Address– 1035 Rd 210, Cheyenne, WY 82009, United States

Website –

Contact Number – +18123457106


Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an energetic, playful, and loyal companion, then this might just be the perfect breed for you! A Miniature Dachshund has been known to live up to 14 years old or more! This means they can spend many happy years with their family.

And because they don’t require much exercise, they’re also great for people who have less time on their hands. Plus, these little guys are good at keeping themselves entertained when left alone in your home – so it’s not like they’ll ever get bored or lonely while you’re away!