Natural Balance Dog Food Review 2020

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Natural Balance Dog Food Recall

Natural dog food is characterized by being made with fresh food, without artificial preservatives or additives . These foods can undergo different manufacturing processes to obtain the feed that reaches our homes, such as dehydration and hydrolysis. However, the important thing when choosing a good natural feed is to look at its entire composition to ensure that the ingredients are really of quality and check that they are suitable for human consumption. If the package does not specify that the food is suitable for humans, although it indicates that it is natural, we may suspect a low quality feed.

Natural feeds are always more recommended than common ones, precisely due to the use of fresher ingredients, avoiding chemical compounds such as preservatives or flavor enhancers. In general, these feeds use fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. Some have cereals in the right measure and others are grain free. Now, among all the variety that exists in the market, how to choose the most suitable one? At Animal Wised we share a list of the best natural feed for dogs based on their composition and acceptance after trying them.

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1. Alpha Spirit

Alpha Spirit defines itself as a ” different, innovative and visionary ” brand of food for dogs and cats because it aims to manufacture products that are completely adapted to the diet that these animals would follow in the wild. Thus, all their products are made with natural ingredients such as tuna, salmon, lentils, peas, chicken, pork liver, chicken liver, beef, turkey, pork knuckle, pear, spinach, ginger or duck. In addition, it uses natural preservatives such as rosemary and thyme.

This brand stands out as one of the best natural feed for dogs because it uses 100% natural , fresh and quality raw materials . In general, their products contain around 80% meat and 10-15% legumes, quality cereals, vitamins, fruits, etc. It has products for puppies and for adults, a hypoallergenic range, of dry, semi-humid and wet food.

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2. DingoNatura

DingoNatura is a brand of feed for dogs and cats that is also characterized by using natural, quality ingredients and previously analyzed. It works with a clear objective: to provide its clients with a diet that is as natural as possible and appropriate to their species and stage of development. For this, it has developed different ranges of products for different purposes, so they have dry feed for all types of dogs (including puppies), for dogs with special needs, wet food, snacks, sweets and grain-free feed . Although all its ranges are good, we highlight the Natura Diet rangefor its quality and variety, since this is where we find a cereal-free feed, low-calorie feed, with 70% meat, for large or small dogs. For more information, don’t miss this article: ” I think Natura Diet – Opinions, composition and analytics “.

All the ingredients used to make the DingoNatura product ranges have a high biological value and are highly digestible. Mainly, they use chicken, brown rice, lamb, salmon, fruits, vegetable oils and vegetables. In addition, they include omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins, L-carnitine and other elements that are good for the dog’s body.

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3. Yarrah

Yarrah manufactures high quality organic feed , with natural ingredients and correctly selected to meet the different needs of each dog. We can even find in its wide variety of products a range of vegan feed for those who prefer to offer this type of food to their dogs.

It is on the list of the best natural dog food for several reasons. Yarrah is a brand that uses natural, ecological and integral ingredients in the case of cereals, has a quality seal and, in addition, offers feed for different purposes (vegan, without cereal, etc.). Thus, the foods used vary depending on the product, but the most commonly used are: chicken, brown rice, whole oats, potatoes, peas, seaweed, herring and egg.

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4. Ownat

Ownat is a brand of feed for dogs and cats that defends “real food”, which is why it makes all its products with natural ingredients, without preservatives, artificial colors or additives . It stands out for carefully selecting the raw materials that make up each of the recipes that allows it to offer the different products it has. In this way, we find three ranges of feed: classic , ultra and grain free. In them, it offers feed for puppies, low-calorie feed, feed made only with fish, feed with varied meats, monoprotein feed (a single type of protein), ultra-digestible feed made with ingredients cooked slowly and at a low temperature to maintain the nutritional value as intact as possible, and grain-free feed. Despite the fact that all ranges meet our quality requirements, we highlight the ultra range for its manufacturing process, high nutritional value and easy assimilation.

All product ranges are made with fresh fish and meat of high biological value. In addition, they use other natural ingredients such as: egg, potato, cassava, flax seeds, beer yeast, seaweed, fruits, legumes, vegetables, brown rice or aromatic plants.

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5. NFNAtcane Canine Nutrition

Canine Nutrition NFNatcane is a brand of natural feed for dogs and cats that stands out for the quality of its products and the price, which is more affordable than that of other brands. This price reduction is not due to the use of lower quality ingredients as many people may think, but to the decision to sell their products themselves, to unify logistics and to avoid distribution to stores, with the costs that this implies.

This brand has two ranges of products :NFNatcaneSalud and NFNatcane Gourmet . The first of them is designed to cover certain health problems, such as allergies and food intolerances, while the second offers feed for puppies and adult dogs with an extra quality in its ingredients. In general, use fresh meat and fish, such as beef, chicken, lamb, duck, turkey, salmon, tuna, trout, sardine or mackerel, fruit, egg, brown rice, brewer’s yeast, vegetables, and salmon oil. Likewise, it enriches its feed with probiotics, essential to keep the intestinal flora in perfect condition.

For all the above, if you are looking for a quality and cheaper feed, this is a good option. You will find more recommendations in this other article: ” The best dog food in value for money “.

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6. Picart

Not all Picart product ranges are made with natural ingredients, however, it does have ranges that meet this characteristic and the established quality requirements, which is why we consider these products to be some of the best natural dog food. We talk about the ranges Select Dog, Select Mini and Nutribest , providing feed for all ages, with and without cereals, low-calorie, Allergy dogs, energetic dogs, for large and small dogs. Especially the Nutribestrange , offers high quality feed that, in addition, improves the health of the skin and hair of dogs due to the seaweed that it includes in its composition.

Picart uses a wide variety of natural ingredients to make the aforementioned products, such as chicken, rice, brewer’s yeast, fish oil, prebiotics, seaweed, fruits, vegetables, salmon, ginger, mint, krill, omega 3 and 5 fatty acids etc. Likewise, like several of the previous brands, it has different sizes and shapes of croquettes, also designed to meet the needs of each type of dog. For example, the Select Senior feed has a smaller kibble to facilitate chewing, since it is common for older dogs to lose some of their teeth.

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7. Natural Greatness

Natural Greatness is a brand of food for dogs and cats that has designed recipes “inspired by nature”, as they detail. In this way, all their products are made with quality natural ingredients and easy to digest, it is for this reason that all their feed is considered hypoallergenic . Likewise, all its products improve the skin and hair of dogs, providing shine and vitality, thanks to the foods used.

At Natural Greatness they have both dry dog ​​food and wet food, also with natural ingredients. Focusing on feed, this brand is part of the list of best natural feed for dogs because all its products are very digestible , which allows easy assimilation, especially when feeding older dogs. To do this, they use ingredients such as chicken, salmon, rabbit, turkey, duck, potato, flax seeds, peas, rice and eggs. Most of their feed is grain-free and enriched with prebiotics and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

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How To Choose The Best Natural Feed For My Dog?

All the brands of natural food for dogs highlighted throughout the article offer total transparency regarding the composition of each of their foods and the manufacturing process. In the same way that we highlighted the importance of checking that the ingredients are of quality and suitable for humans, we emphasize transparency, since a brand that makes good products does not usually have a problem in sharing how it makes them and with what.

That Said, You Already Have Three Essential Keys To Choosing A Good Brand Of Feed For Your Dog:

Natural Food.

Ingredients Suitable For Humans.

Clear And Transparent Composition And Production Process.

Now, once the brand has been selected, how to choose one feed or another? To make this decision, it is essential to know the nutritional needs of your dog, since a puppy does not require the same nutrients as a healthy adult dog or a very old dog. For this reason, you should review each of the compositions, look at the types of meat and fish that it uses and choose the most suitable for your dog.

As a recommendation, for healthy adult dogs it is advisable to offer a varied diet , with different meats, fish, vegetables and fruits. For this reason, feed that offers recipes with different meats are good options. However, we must be clear that it is not advisable to give the dog the same feed throughout its life, so it is better to vary it when it is finished. Of course, the change of feed should be gradual, mixing both products until you only have the new one.

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Homemade Diet, The Best Natural Food For Dogs

If you really want to offer your dog a natural and balanced diet, without a doubt the homemade diet is the best option. Through this type of diet you can choose the products that you offer to your dog, guaranteeing that they are fresh and of quality. To follow it, you can opt for a BARF diet , which is characterized by giving the dogs raw food, or by semi-cooking the ingredients . When cooked completely many of their nutrients are lost, it is for this reason that canine nutrition experts, like Gemma Knowles in her book Healthy cooking for your dog [1] , advise to cook food lightly.

For the dog to enjoy a balanced diet, it is important to bear in mind that the ideal is to offer 70-80% meat and fish and 20% fruits, vegetables and cereals. When in doubt, we recommend consulting a veterinarian who is an expert in nutrition.

On the other hand, if you do not have enough time to cook or prepare homemade food recipes for your dog, a good option is to follow a mixed diet . What does it consist of? Very simple, to offer a few days I think natural for dogs and other days homemade recipes. Never mix natural foods with feed, since, although it is natural, it has undergone a manufacturing process and, therefore, it is not digested the same. It is better to separate both types of food and give them on different days.

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