Running With Dogs: Benefits Of Running With Your Dog

running with dogs

Advantages Of Running With Your Dog

The basic question is clear  : Can you run with dogs?  and How have two so different species of mammals established such a deep friendship relationship?

The truth is that the beginnings must have been complicated.

Wild wolves, without any ties to humans, begin to prowl the camps, attracted by the smell and ready to hunt down some vulnerable prey. The humans, around a bonfire, ate and threw their waste on the ground, delicacies for other species that they did not want.

running with your dogs

First Paradigm Shift For The Wolf.

How? Don’t you need to hunt to eat?

Surprisingly, humans generated waste that could be used without risking their lives to hunt, it was only necessary to follow them cautiously and eat what they were throwing away.

This first contact happened about 20,000 years ago and since then our relationship with dogs has been changing. From mutual mistrust to tolerance, from competition to collaboration, from coexistence to friendship.

Our ancestral relationship with them is engraved in our genes to this day. We do not speak the same language but we understand them. We have this connection. And of all the joint activities we do with them, there is one that has not changed in millennia. To run.

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Team: Reinforce Your Ties

Running with dogs weekly reinforces the bonds of friendship . Like the human brain, the dog’s physical activity is hormonally rewarded with pleasure. And being with him, the memory of that emotion is associated with being with you.

Running alone with your dog in the bush can be life insurance. Like all animal behavior, there may be variations in behavior, but there is a general pattern of protection towards its master, even putting his physical integrity in danger to defend or help.

There are countless cases of dogs that have saved their owners in distress. A world famous case was that of Salty , a guide dog who saved his master caught in the collapse of the World Trade Center.

There is a benefit difficult to quantify but it is there. Reinforce the feeling that you are a team. In fact, a balanced dog perceives it this way. You are the leader of the pack and he is your faithful companion who follows you.

This is a positive way to gain authority when setting rules and limits at home.

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Health:  Mental And Physical Balance

All sedentary animals atrophy faster. Whether they are cats, dogs or humans. It is so. Going for a run with your dog will strengthen his muscles and bone density . It will improve your metabolism and weight quickly, and increase your cardiorespiratory capacity.

Remember that a dog is not intended to be at home all day. Running of the bulls often adversely affects your stress, and running will release the stress and energy built up throughout the day. It also improves behavior and will waste energy reserves for a quiet return home. Just by running. Not bad, right?

Also planning routines is mentally healthy and helps control the behavior of dogs. Set yourself routes, schedules and weekly days to go out with him. It will also help you get out and commit to healthier routines.

running with a dog

Important:  10 Keys To Successfully Enjoy Running With Dogs

Of course, like all physical activity it is important to follow some guidelines . If you want to start dating or improve your skills, it’s important to check with a trainer or vet first. From Alquimia Deportiva y Mismininos we give you 10 basic tips to set standards and enjoy the experience of running with your dog.

running with your dog

1. A quick vet check to make sure it is in perfect condition to run with you.

Not all races are adapted equally. Generally dogs with long snouts and medium sizes are more adapted, such as Borders Collies . Smaller dogs such as Bulldogs or Teckel are more suitable for quiet walks.

2. Plan the route before . Avoid very dark, noisy or aggressive pavement places. Running with dogs is always better on dirt than asphalt. A dog that does not know the route will stop more times to investigate the terrain and be calm.

3. If you can, find a tour with fountains . They can be a good place to regain strength. If you can’t, always carry water for yourself and him, but only give him something to drink when he stops panting and is recovered, otherwise he will swallow too much air and may have a stomach ache.

4. From less to more. When you know your route, the first few days will be terrain recognition for the dog. Let him sniff and get familiar with the ride . Then you can start doing some stretches running and see if it feels comfortable or not. When the dog knows the route you can already do everything in running mode,

5. The key to success is patience , repeating a process many times is the way to internalize it. Some dogs go faster than others, but all can learn with patience.

how to run with your dog

6. Be careful with the temperature! Dogs regulate temperature worse than we do, so avoid peak heat hours and shadowless tours. 24 degrees is already starting to get hot for them so if you can go out in the morning or late afternoon.

7. The ideal is to run with dogs without a leash , but unfortunately many times it is not possible, so a leash with hands-free is the best option.

8. Incorporate sprinting periods into your routine . These short explosive exercises are great fun for dogs. If you can’t or don’t want to do sprints, find a ball to throw at the resting moments of your routine.

9. It is important that neither before nor after training does the dog pack on food. It is often said that you do not eat an hour before and after training , although we can carry some prize cookies in our pocket in case it is necessary.

10. Respect other riders . Not everyone likes animals or running around with loose dogs near them, so try to keep a good watch on your dog when you come across other people. Years ago my dog inadvertently rammed my nephew and we almost caused trauma. Luckily, at night they were such friends, but that oversight taught me that if we do not have secure control over our dog, it is better to keep it on a leash.

The final and most important recommendation is: Have fun every second and enjoy their company.

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