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How To Take Care Of A Dog In Winter

With the arrival of winter, more and more dogs can be seen with coats and raincoats that their owners have placed on them to protect them from the cold. A remedy that is becoming common today and that leaves no one indifferent.

As every year, when the cold rears its head with the arrival of the less hot seasons, we all jump hopelessly for the most suitable clothes for this time of year. But human beings are not the only ones who use coats as the main weapon against the cold when we leave the house.

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And it is that it is increasingly common for us to find dogs that wear a coat with which they are supposedly protected from the cold, something that although it may seem logical as a mechanism to combat low temperatures, does not mean that it is not striking.

The action of sheltering our canine pets is also an idea that we can consider recent, despite the fact that humans and dogs have been living in the world for thousands and thousands of years. This in turn inevitably causes a division of opinions about the real need to shelter our dogs or not, animals that in the past have endured freezing temperatures thanks to the importance of their fur.

Therefore, is it a fashion to shelter dogs? Are dog coats really necessary? Well, the answer depends, as almost always, on the conditions of each animal and its physical characteristics, in addition to other factors. Continue your reading and we will solve all your doubts…

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Can All Dogs Wear A Coat?

It is possibly the first question that comes to mind when we have a dog and we doubt if our pet should have a coat or garment that protects him from the cold when winter arrives or the less hot seasons. Well, the answer in this case has no possible discussion.

Not all breeds of dogs need to wear a coat to combat low temperatures. The body heat given off by the dog breeds that contain greater abundance of hair do not require any type of sweater when the coldest months of the year arrive. They simply do not need it because their fur is enough to withstand this climate and even frost.

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At least that is indicated by veterinarians and professionals, who adhere to different factors, in addition to the amount of hair on the body, to determine that not all dog breeds require a garment of clothing in winter. Therefore, breeds such as the Saint Bernard, the Mastiff, the Siberian husky or the Alaskan Malamute contain a fur so dense that it serves as a kind of protective layer against the winter cold. In fact, they are dogs perfectly prepared to withstand considerable temperature drops.

A coat that therefore becomes a protector for certain breeds, which retains a layer of air that insulates the skin from the outside temperature, and protects it from rain and snow.

But in addition to the coat, experts refer to the age of the animal to determine whether or not a sweater is needed, since puppies or younger dogs are most of the time jumping and playing when they go outside, which allows you to easily warm up. A circumstance that changes when the age of the animal is advanced, which hinders its movements and makes them more static. It is in those types of cases in which the option of having a coat is more appropriate.

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What Are The Breeds of Dogs That Need Shelter?

In addition to younger puppies or dogs in general, certain breeds of dog are more likely than others to require a warm garment to better combat low temperatures. Unlike the Husky or the Saint Bernard, the shorter furred specimens are very helpful in fighting the cold when a sweater is placed on them, due to their low density of hair.

The straightening of the hair, the shrinkage of the blood vessels in certain parts of the body or the tremors or the action of shivering are the reactions that a dog can suffer when he is cold.

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Breeds with short hair or with a scarce undercoat, such as greyhounds, Dobermans, and Hounds, and small breeds, such as the poodle, Bichon Maltese or Chihuahua, are the most susceptible to suffering from the drop in temperatures and who suffer the most with the arrival of the cold. Something that can be mitigated with dog coats or clothes that can provide our dog with an extra necessary heat. They are also pets that are conditioned by their characteristics when it comes to fighting the winter cold, so the use of dog coats becomes a most interesting remedy.

It should also be noted that these breeds will not feel uncomfortable if we put a coat according to their size and proportions, something that can happen with dogs with an abundance of fur. Still, it is advisable to pay attention when we put it on, in case the animal shows symptoms of discomfort. You must understand that if it is something that suits you, you should get used to it little by little.

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What Are The Best Dogs Coats Like?

The ideal, of course, is that the garment protects our pet and provides it with that extra it needs to fight, both the cold that invades us in the winter months, as the rain or even the snow. The coats may or may not be reversible, or made of different fabrics or materials, although we can also find polyester garments that provide even more protection to the dogs.

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Once we are clear about the breeds most likely to need coats for dogs, the final step is to know the characteristics that distinguish the garment.

The market is quite wide and we can find both sweaters, raincoats or raincoats among which to decide which is the dog coat that best suits us for our best furry friend.

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