Things To Do With Your Dog In Winter

things to do with your dog

What Activities You Can Do With Dog In Winter?

Sometimes, the dogs acquire unwanted behaviors like barking too much, destroying some furniture or, even, an excessive dependency towards its owner. Most of these cases are caused by boredom.

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog At Home

For a dog, the most valuable thing is to have a busy mind. When they do not have it, they seek to have fun and entertain themselves on their part, drawing the attention of their owner. So she bites the sofa, barks at the slightest noise, or chases us all over the house. The only thing you are looking for is not to get bored and, for this, you demand our attention.

In winter, the time we spend with our furry in the street is often less than in good weather. Low temperatures do not motivate us to be outdoors, or our dog.

fun things to do with your dog at home

Games To Have Fun Together

However, it is important to keep them distracted so that they do not fall into boredom. If you want to have a great time with your pet also in winter, keep reading and discover the most succulent games for them.

The Hiding Place. One of the games that most often entertains the furry and very easy to run. Hide, call him and he will come looking for you. In addition to training his sense of smell, he will create a bond of union between the two of you very strong, since you will become his reward. Finish with a pet or a dog snack so that he understands that he has done well.

fun places to take your dog

Catch The Toy. You will only need a stick, a rope and a toy. Attach the rope to the stick and the toy to the rope. Your best friend will see the toy as prey and want to catch it. When you are about to do so, move the rope so that you cannot grab the toy, thus increasing your desire to play. Of course, let it catch you from time to time because if not, it can generate frustration and stop being attractive.

Train Your Nose. It is the most developed sense of dogs and the one that most stimulates their brain. You can teach them new smells, always keeping in mind that they are not too strong. You can also spread wet food on some of their toys and hide it somewhere in the house (or in the park) so that, through smell, they have to find it.

activities to do with your dog

Music To Stimulate Them. Music can help the dog calm down, but at the same time it helps stimulate its sensations. Adding new music or sounds, such as a dolphin or a howling wolf, for a few minutes a day, will be a very pleasant stimulus for the furry.

New Tricks. The furry seek to keep the mind busy and active. A good way is to spend a few minutes a day teaching them new tricks like kicking up, sitting down, or jumping over an obstacle. In addition to having fun, it will serve to strengthen your bond.

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