yorkie puppies for sale near me

If you are looking for a new furry friend, then you should consider getting a Yorkie. These little dogs make excellent pets because they love to be around people and other animals. They also have the cutest personalities and can show a lot of affection towards their owners!

These little furballs make excellent pets and will fit in your purse or backpack with ease. If you’re interested in learning more about these adorable pups, then keep reading to find out how much they cost and what their personality traits are.

About the breed

The Yorkshire Terrier, or “Yorkie” as they’re commonly called, is an adorable small dog breed with a long-standing history and loyal following. Originally bred in England to catch rats in clothing mills, they’ve since become popular show dogs worldwide – especially here in America. They’re often called “the most fashionable dog in town,” and there’s no denying it: Yorkies come dressed up like everyday fashionistas.


These small dogs can be found in many different colors. They have long hair and big eyes, and they are very playful. They make great pets because they don’t shed much, and they’re easy to groom. Yorkies also love cuddling with their owners!


The average lifespan of a Yorkie is 10-12 years. They are tiny dogs and can be prone to health problems, but they have an excellent quality of life as long as their needs are met.


Yorkies are often called “the perfect lapdog” because of their size and temperament. Yorkies can be great companions for people who live in apartments or have allergies, as they don’t shed very much hair and don’t need to be walked too often.

They’re also known for being intelligent, playful, and affectionate dogs. They are lively and intelligent dogs that need lots of attention. They can be stubborn, but they love their owners dearly and will do anything for them.


They are very stubborn and can be challenging to handle at times. However, they will become obedient and loyal companions with the proper training that will love you unconditionally. The best way to start training your Yorkie is by using positive reinforcement techniques such as praise, treats, and playtime. These methods work well because they make the dog feel good about themselves and their behavior, making them more likely to repeat it in the future.

Grooming Tips

Here are some grooming tips to ensure the hygiene of Yorkie dogs.

  • Brush their teeth daily.
  • Bathe them weekly or as needed.
  • Trim their nails every month or two.
  • Give them a haircut every six months (or when it gets too long).
    Clean out their ears monthly or as needed with an ear cleaner solution and cotton ball or Q-tip. Be sure not to insert anything into the ear canal because this can cause damage and infection. Just clean around the outside of the opening of each earflap while holding it open with one hand. Use a gentle motion from front to back, making sure not to poke at any debris inside that may come loose during cleaning; if there is dirt deep within either canal, consult your veterinarian for advice about what products are safe for use in those areas before proceeding further.
  • The skin folds behind each ear should also be cleaned regularly using warm water and soap; dry thoroughly afterwards by gently patting away moisture rather than rubbing vigorously, which could irritate sensitive skin tissue beneath these folds.


Yorkie Dogs for Sale

Below are some of the popular regions where this breed is significantly found. Have a look.

1. Mississippi

Business Name- Mary’s Little Yorkies

Address – 5095 Lilly Rd, Hazlehurst, MS 39083, United States

Website – http://www.maryslittleyorkies.com/

Contact Number – +16014975750


Business Name – Fancypoo4u

Address – 344 Billy Davis Rd, Silver Creek, MS 39663, United States

Website – https://www.fancypoo4u.com/

Contact Number- +16018867381

2. Kentucky

Business Name – Petite Pooches

Address – 135 Redwood Dr, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

Website – NA

Contact Number – +15024602782


Business Name – Petland Florence

Address – 7901 Mall Rd, Florence, KY 41042, United States


Contact Number – +18592093352

3. South Caroline

Business Name – Emerald Isle Yorkies

Address – 317 Gibson Dr, Greenville, SC 29617, United States

Website – http://emeraldisleyorkies.com/

Contact Number – +18643469818


Business Name – Divine Yorkies

Address – 1939 Gaffney Rd, Shelby, NC 28152, United States

Website – http://www.divineyorkies.net/

Contact Number – +17046928729

4. Nebraska

Business Name – Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue

Address – NA

Website – http://www.muddypawssecondchancerescue.com/

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Business Name – Sandhills Puppy Paws

Address – 601 4th St, Newport, NE 68759, United States

Website – https://www.sandhillspuppypaws.com/

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5. Georgia

Business Name – Yorkies of South Georgia

Address – Gun Lake Loop, Tifton, GA 31794, United States

Website – http://www.yorkiesofsga.com/

Contact Number – +12293263940


Business Name – CarterYorkies

Address – 615 Annie McGee Rd, Moultrie, GA 31788, United States


Contact Number – +12299214206

Bottom Line

Are you looking for a cute, fluffy, and cuddly new pet? Yorkies are one of the most popular breeds in America. They’re small dogs with prominent personalities that make them perfect for any home.

Yorkies are known to be intelligent and loyal companions who love to play games like fetch or tug-of-war. They also have a reputation as being hypoallergenic pets because they don’t shed much hair at all.